About us

Anchorcrest Limited is a seasoned Advisory and Micro-lending boutique, with a focus
to provide superior and cutting edge solutions at the most efficient manner to our clients.
As the name suggests, we provide an Anchor in time of financial needs.

Anchorcrest provides short-term personal loans, salary Advance, Credit facilities to salary earners
and other qualifying customers to meet urgent financial needs. We also provide related financial
management and Advisory services to assist customers in efficient management of resources.

Product & Services
Personal Loan

This is a short term personal loans to enable customers meet some financial commitments, the tenor ranges from 30 days to 180 days

Salary Loan

This is designed to enable customers meet some urgent personal commitment pending receipt of monthly salary and this for max of 30 days

Short Term Credit Loan

This mainly is a bridge loan for small supply supplies with payment domiciliation arrangement

Advisory Services

This is an array of advisory services to position our teeming clientele in a comfortable financial position. It may involve training and handholding in financial management. The target customers are both individual and SMEs.